Review: Redline

Went to see some student art, what i thought would be
primitive or unpracticed
was actually focused and a well thought
get it girl–
what I wanted to write on the wall:
decide yourself when you’ve become a man or a woman.
I apologize for getting your pronoun wrong, english is tough AND pliable.
be patient with midwesterners, ‘guys’ is a catchall
ya know…’yous guys’… it means ‘everyone’
It, too,  refers to you mustachioed ladies there.
through a wonka-esque path the
building opened up into a generously curated
gallery and studio art walk.
I wasn’t sure if i could take pictures and i forgot to ask
but even the art in the bathroom is worth bending
around the corners for

it’s how much to get in?
#thanks #boss

Raise hell peacefully,
Anne Arkhane

Redline website
Photography by Seth Nagle


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