Potential Teacher Strike

“The goal is not to strike but to find a compromise”
-The Liaison

Wednesday, Dec 19th at 5:30 p.m.
Taped up flyers stated in Spanish and in English, “Denver teachers and SSPs are being pushed closer to a STRIKE. Attend this community forum to learn more about WHY and HOW you can help to build to schools our students deserve.”

From the nearly full pews the business casual, holiday sweatered clad students, teachers, & community members walked down the aisle to give their testimonies. Leaders shared their tireless effort,

“Let people know we don’t want to walk out…we don’t want to go on strike. Contracts expire January 18th at midnight. If we can negotiate during the upcoming meetings we won’t need to. Otherwise, contracts won’t be renewed.”

Why the Potentially Strike?
Major problems include but aren’t limited to:
-Disrespectful payment style
-Disrespectful evaluation style
-Lack of flexibility in the curriculum to meet student needs
-Lack of diverse pedagogy
-Lack of resources (how many schools don’t have a librarians and nurses?)
-Lack of all forms of support (monetary, resources, space, adequate standards, personnel, morale)
-Lack of policies prioritizing students and teachers.
-The american education system is…well…flawed and in need of a renaissance.

Who is Potentially Striking?
Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA)
Community members, parents, students, teachers…
Anyone with the ability to support education reform.

Why I’m supporting the Potential Strike: In many schools, these district-wide issues are expounded by socio-economic status (class), race (birth), and geography (space). This is an opportunity for the community to speak out about what education can become.

Attend and Be in Participation!
Show up at bargaining sessions (details in the picture below).
Write to your district, PTA, local politicians, ect
Know that if you are a parent, student, or teacher you have a lot of power! If you are a community member your empathy, presence, & votes for policies matters!

Get more info about bargaining efforts and the proposal at: DenverTeachers.Org

On flyer: “DCTA teachers and SSPs are fighting hard for fair compensation and they need you to join the fight!” “Join us on: Jan, 8, 11, 15, 17, and 18 Starting at 9am and continuing throughout the day at the ACOMA CAMPUS (1617 s Acoma)”
Example Letters in Spanish/English

Thanks for reading.
Raise hell peacefully,
Anne Arkhane

Photography by Seth Nagle

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