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Cleanup & PostScripts
Humour: yellow bile 

“I’ve started feasting early. This is the start of many courses.”

Medieval recipes, as Heston flavors it, have a distinctly wacky sense of humor. So much so that a sous-chef might start with chopped onions and a plucked chicken and end up with the headless beauty flocking over goblets as it flees across the table. The humour found in the recipes and around the table might also be reflected in the thank you cards sent to the mannours after the event has occurred. This penultimate post balances good manners, like leaving silly recipes behind for future generations, with the nightmarish actions of corrupt rulers, like Joffrey. I will intentionally leave out any comparison between him and modern day rulers.

#4 Remember to be a wonk not a wanker
A wonk is a fun-tempered expert or a pseudo expert. Conversely Joffrey is a wanker. It’s easy to despise his character’s actions but it’s also easy to forget that many people are trying to kill him and his family. He’s a wanker raised by an environment where cruelty is encouraged. He has never learned any limits or boundaries to what power is and so it’s ‘natural’ for him to abuse his. Joffrey takes himself far too seriously, by constantly reminding himself and others he’s in charge he fails to submit any humour into his lonely and suffering kingdom. It’s as if he believes that a King can’t also be a Jester. It would take more than well-balanced cooking for Joffrey to recover his hidden good nature. However, his addiction to cruelty is limited as there are a few people who are able to stand up to him without being beheaded. In one ill-mannered scene, the community is celebrating his Name Day and while torturing a jouster with the threat of death he is told, superstitiously, that killing on a Name Day is a bad omen. These behavioral redirects are too few and far between, exposing his corrupt council as a weakness. His other pronounced weakness, cowardice, appears in many scenes such as in his tussle with Arya and the Butcher’s boy as well as in Season 2 where we watch him surrender first when confronted by war at their doorstep. In his surrender, we are reminded that he is still a child. I actually agree with his decision to abandon the battlefield. No youth should be on the frontline of a battle.

Thanks for reading. Next week there will be a bonus post with our Whisky Pick.  
Raise hell peacefully,
Anne “philosophus per ignem” Arkhane

(for locations in text see post V to download full paper full paper)

19. Game of Thrones. S1E1 Min 32. Tyrion to Jaime Lannister
20. Blumenthal’s Historical Heston also mentions the recipes being written on parchment and calfskin, “scratched upon it, in a spiky medieval hand full of curlicues and flourishes that make the script look almost like Arabic to the untrained eye.”
21. Blumenthal’s Historical Heston p 7, 9.
22.Blumenthal’s Historical Heston, on page 19 similarly finds in 1377, at 10 years old Richard II ascended to the throne, “Inevitably, this destabilized the country, as the most prominent families took advantage of the kings youth to further their own ambitions and gain as much power as possible…like a high stakes chess game.”
23. Game of Thrones. S2 E1 min 5. Sansa and The hound assuage a violent situation so Joffrey doesn’t command the murder of an innocent jouster. 

Guide to Thoth Tarot Deck on EsotericMeaning.com 
Photography by Seth Nagle

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