The Denver teacher strikes starts on 11

WHFS: Pacific Rim & P.R. Uprising, part I

Focused on the theme of Responses to Emergencies & Environmental Crisis this post looks at two stories centered on
Humxn Pollution vs. Pollution attracted dominating Kaiju!

Bands to Check Out. Part II

[This quarterly post series: B.t.C.O. Parts 1-4 were originally received as an email from my friend Scott during our Peace Corps services in Macedonia in the early 2000s. He gave me permission to publish them here about a half a decade later. Hope you enjoy this historical reading/listening experience! The release of these posts is aligned…

Potential Teacher Strike

A strike is forming over district-wide issues creating a perfect storm-front for education reform.“The goal is not to strike but to find a compromise.”
-The Liaison

Women & Theology from the Global South, week 10

CONCLUSION AND NORTH AMERICAN FEMINIST AND WOMANIST RESPONSES At the beginning of each in-person meeting Dr. Lee explains the agenda. This final meeting became a symposium of art, poetry, and academic research.   Centering Ritual Vision Boards Dr. Lee’s Lecture Poetry Reading (Emily & Jordan) Ph.D. Research presentations Taylor and Rebecca Ritual Leadership: Lila brought…