Women & Theology from the Global South, week 7

Week eight features the work of Rev. Dr. Justin Tanis. Morning centering ritual. Student reflections on the work of eco-feminist Marcella Althaus-Reid. And Pictures from my notebook.
Aspen photography by Seth Nagle

Women & Theologies from the Global South, week 5

LATIN AMERICAN FEMINIST THEOLOGIES I: Elsa Tamez and Latin American Contexts Morning Ritual This week’s centering ritual was provided by Rebecca. Becky is a Deacon, she shared experiences within her spiritual path that has brought her to where she is today. It’s always inspiring to meet and study alongside wonder women. The picture includes artwork…

‘The Whole World is Watching’

Until we learn indigenous ways of fighting, we cannot know what it means to fight for this land. Today, we honor Indigenous Peoples’ who’ve served in American wars. Originally written for Dr. Julie Todd’s course (Non)Violent Social Change at Iliff School of Theology.