WHFS: Django part 2, what’s in the name?

Part 2 of a look at Sukiyaki Western Django The name Django was repopularized recently through QT’s Django Unchained but to understand why Jamie Fox’s character and the young Takuya Mizoguchi(?) of S.W.D, are so fascinating we need to look at the name’s history. The name/title Django permeates many cultural narratives and derives from the…

WHFS: Pacific Rim & P.R. Uprising, part I

Focused on the theme of Responses to Emergencies & Environmental Crisis this post looks at two stories centered on
Humxn Pollution vs. Pollution attracted dominating Kaiju!

Whisky Horror Film Society presents: Revenge

Many years ago Whiskey Horror Wednesday came into existence. It was a group who met on Wednesdays to watch horror movies and drink whiskeys. Later it changed to Fridays. Then a random day that worked in everyone’s schedule….yada yada yada…the named landed on WHFS. Surely, the name or its history doesn’t matter.